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Living in the Prairies means we get a lot of dry air all year long. Our environment, including strong winds and dry air, can contribute to irritating dry eye symptoms that can affect how well we see and how comfortably we use our eyes.

What causes your dry eyes may not be the same as what causes your neighbour’s dry eyes. InVision Eye Care focuses on diagnosing the source of your symptoms and recommending the most effective treatment to provide you with relief.

Get started by scheduling your dry eye diagnosis and treatment at InVision Eye Care.

Dry Eye Symptoms & Causes

Dry eye syndrome can be the result of one of two issues: either your eyes don’t produce enough tears (called aqueous deficiency), or your tear components are out of balance (called evaporative dry eye).

  • Tears are made up of a mucus layer that spreads your tears across your eye, a watery layer that hydrates, & an oily layer that keeps your tears adhered to your eye.

Symptoms of dry eye include:

  • A burning or gritty sensation
  • Feeling like something is in your eye
  • Fluctuating blurry vision
  • Excessive watering
  • Redness
  • Dryness

Finding Your Treatment

Our optometrists will work with you to determine which treatment option is best suited to your needs. Depending on the cause of your dry eyes, and the severity of your symptoms, we may recommend several treatment options to be used together.

Artificial Tears

Not all eye drops are created equal. Some eye drops may provide immediate relief, but be a detriment to your health after long-term use. Other drops may not be suitable for your eyes.
InVision Eye Care optometrists have the knowledge to recommend the kind of artificial tears that may work best for you. The artificial tears we recommend are intended to help restore hydration to your eyes and provide you with lasting relief.

In some cases, over-the-counter eye drops may not be enough to help treat chronic, aggravating dry eye symptoms. The optometrists at InVision Eye Care can write you a prescription for eye drops that will help target your specific symptoms and causes of dry eye.

When your eyes aren’t producing enough tears, or your tears aren’t staying adhered to your eyes long enough, we can implant punctal plugs into your tear ducts to improve your tears and symptoms.
These tiny devices prevent tears from draining from your eyes too quickly, allowing the surface of your eyes to soak up more hydration. Punctal plugs can be worn long-term, but they can also be removed by a qualified doctor at any time.

The front white part of your eye, called the sclera, can benefit from scleral contact lenses when you have dry eyes. These lenses vault over your cornea (the transparent part at the centre of the front of your eye), creating a small fluid reservoir that helps your eyes retain moisture.
Scleral lenses are made out of a thicker material that allows oxygen to pass through to your eye, and they are more durable than contacts that are made out of soft plastics.

Add a Little Hydration to Your Life

Don’t wait until your eyes feel like the Athabasca Sand Dunes. Get treatment for your dry eyes, no matter how severe or persistent your symptoms are. Untreated dry eyes can make wearing contact lenses uncomfortable and could lead to scratching your eyes and impairing vision.

We want you to see comfortably and clearly. Schedule your dry eye diagnosis and treatment with InVision Eye Care today.

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