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Supporting Your Child’s Vision as They Grow

Eye exams are important for everyone, especially children, but this experience may overwhelm your little one. We understand that not everyone is used to visiting the eye doctor, so we make an effort to create a warm and comfortable environment. It’s our goal to teach your child about the importance of their eye health and vision. 

Visit InVision Eye Care for a patient-friendly experience, no matter your child’s age. Our team is here to provide comprehensive eye care for your family.

The Importance of Your Child’s Vision

Did you know that approximately 80% of your child’s learning is visual-based

Your child is constantly learning as they grow, and their vision is essential for their development. Vision is important as your child learns, plays, and interacts with others. When vision-related issues arise, they can affect your child’s development

Approximately 25% of school-age children in Canada have a vision problem, affecting many aspects of their daily life. An undiagnosed vision problem can affect how your child

  • Copies work from a whiteboard
  • Interacts in the playground
  • Maintains focus 
  • Participates in classroom activities
  • Plays sports

How Often Should Your Child See the Optometrist?

Your child needs several eye exams as they grow. We tailor our exams to your child’s stage of development, becoming more comprehensive as they develop new visual skills

The Canadian Association of Optometrists recommends children have their first eye exam between 6–9 months old, with their next exam happening between ages 2–5. After starting school at age 6, children should have annual eye exams until they turn 19. 

Our team can recommend a more frequent exam schedule if your child is at risk of an eye condition.

Signs of an Eye Problem in Children

Many eye conditions can develop in childhood, affecting your child from a young age. Your child may assume everyone sees like they do if they have a vision problem, making it important to watch for signs of an issue in your child. Even something that doesn’t seem obvious, like daydreaming, can be a symptom of an eye problem

Your child may have a vision problem if they experience any of these symptoms

  • A tendency to turn or tilt their head to see
  • Consistently rubbing their eyes
  • Excessive blinking
  • Headaches & eye strain
  • Short attention span
  • Trouble reading

Book Your Child’s Next Eye Exam

Regular eye exams can help assess your child’s eye health and support their visual development. Eye problems can affect your child’s learning and other aspects of their daily life, but we can help diagnose and treat these problems. 

Whether it’s treating refractive errors like myopia, recommending contact lenses, or teaching your child about the importance of their vision—our team is here to help. Contact us when it’s time for your child’s next eye exam.

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